Safety – Health – and Environmental policy (CSR)

In DRS social responsibility is an integrated part of our strategies and daily processes.

DRS is an important part of Copenhagen airport and thus also an important part of the danish infrastructure. Therefore DRS has a big responsibility to it’s employees and it’s surroundings, not least to the environment, safety and health.

Our policy on social responsibility addresses the following areas:

  • Compliance of laws and rules inside and outside the airport.
  • Human rights.
  • Work environment and social responsibility.
  • The social and economic responsibility.

This CSR policy describes the overall lines for DRS’ functions in the area, detailed descriptions can be found in each policy.
It is DRS’ job, constantly during executions of businesses and assignments, to strive on a very high degree of safety and health protection to it’s employees, customers and shareholders.

DRS will strive to limit unfortunate effects on the physicial environment that gets affected during the works performance.

DRS will take all necessary precautions to increase safety to both individuals and property. This will be ensured by surveillance and constant monitoring, use of all necessary types of safety equipment and at all times be on the forefront with new technologies that can attribute to this goal.

DRS’ CRS policy will be monitored by DRS’ safety-comittee, who’ll meet regularly to create goals and monitor results, initiate actions that are found to be appropriate and necessary.

In DRS we are very attentive towards our social responsibility, thus we support various organizations like Ønskebrønden, Børnecancerfonden and other organizations chosen by the board, with sponsorship.

Social dumping, use of bribery and human rights violations are all things we in DRS dissociate ourselves from.